Chefs Ford Fry and Drew Belline partnered to open no. 246 (Two Four Six) an Italian-inspired, locally driven restaurant in Decatur.

The name no. 246 reflects the original name of the plot of land on which the restaurant sits, dating back to the early 1900s. The dining experience is influenced by seasonality and local products as well as the culinary techniques of Italy.

Like all of Ford’s restaurants, no. 246 focuses on seasonal cooking with high-quality ingredients — letting the food speak for itself. Belline is an Atlanta native who has worked at Charlie Palmer’s Kitchen 22 and Tom Colicchio’s Craft in New York as well as Quinones at Bacchanalia and Floataway Café in Atlanta. As the executive chef-partner of no. 246 as well as Ford Fry’s Creative Director, he created a menu of Italian-inspired cuisine that is composed of local, farm fresh ingredients and utilizes simple wood-fired cooking techniques.

“Culinary trends in the Southeast have been very meat-centric, but we’re trying to make the food at no. 246 more about vegetables and dishes that guests can eat every day,” Drew says. “The menu is driven by what local producers have to offer.”

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